• Skin

    Flexible cores allow for continuous shape change in morphing aircraft

  • Zig-zag Harvester

    Zig-zag beam energy harvester

  • Chiral Structures

    Optimized chiral damping structure

  • Morphing Wing

    Span-wise morphing wing using macrofiber composite actuators


    It is the culmination of the study of controls, fluid dynamics, structural dynamics, and materials science that make up aerospace engineering as a whole. What makes our lab unique is that our research embraces many of these fields. Overall, our research strives to develop innovative and novel solutions to complex aerospace engineering dilemmas via smart materials and structures but we take a multidisciplinary approach by working at the intersection of simulated and experimental structural dynamics. Ultimately, this applies to a wide variety of research including energy harvesting, structural damping, and aircraft morphing.